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1965 Pathfinder

Pathfinder 1965 14ft Pathfinder 1965 14ft

To Be Or Not To Be...that is the questions and my research for the weekend...

This one, if you can believe it, was my very first consideration and the very first trailer I looked at on Ebay. When I originally saw the Pathfinder it was before I had any "brand" awareness or any education on these vintage travel trailers at all. Mind you I still have very little knowledge base on vintage trailers but this was the starting point of my search. Here is what I love about this travel trailer. The size is just right. It's old enough to be vintage and it's in pretty good condition to where I can see I don't have to do a full "restoration" and do this one up as more of a "refurbished" project. The price is good as long as it stays on these lines of being under $2,000 because I know I will have to either make it a weekend trip to go grab this one up and bring her home or pay to have it done.

Looking at the price of fully restored trailers...I see that they range from $8-14 grand, depending on how nicely restored they are. Although the idea of not having to do a thing is nice...I'm having issues with this because I'm not finding any that are "perfect" to what I want it to look like, to make it mine. The ones that are already done up...are done up to someone elses vision. This Pathfinder seems to be the perfect middle of the line doesn't need a complete overhaul...only a facelift and I'm able to put my ideas into her to make her mine. I love this idea.

To put it as nicely a possible...she's not so pretty but I see nothing but potential with this one. The more I ponder over this one I'm starting to fall for her and what I have envisioned for her. I actually don't mind her being a bit dirty and completely mismatched in fact I love it because it will only make her refurbishing process that much more fun!

(Ewwwww! A toilet...I never would have thought I would ever place a photo of a toilet on a website ever!) But I do like the idea of there being a potty room...I'm leaning on it's a must for me to be able to run my small business out of. Much prefer this option to the port-a-potty ones that I'm seeing a lot of them coming in.

Owners Description:

Vintage 1965 Pathfinder travel trailer! This is a collector's dream! New paint in last 2 years, new box awning installed 2yrs ago, overhead bunk, sleeper dinette and couch, kitchen with stove, sink, and fridge, plenty of cabinet space, toilet, propane heater, and more! It's a 1965 so it isn't perfect, but ready to use as it is! Ask question before you bid, winning bid is a contract, so if you want to see it, come see it before you bid. Unit is sold AS-IS with no warranty or guarantee.

My biggest concerns with her was that I had not come across another Pathfinder so pricing her out I had no idea on what to base my price on to determine if this is a good or bad deal. This is much easier to do with a Shasta or Airstream line. So onward I go with my researching.

So far this is what I'm able to find out on the make (very hard to find anything!)...from what I know in general is that they are based from Australia which can explain why they aren't very common here...or that would be my guess. Also they are better known as Jennison Pathfinder. Sometime after the 1960's they dropped the Jennison from the name and became only "Pathfinder" once taken over by Plym.

These following 2 links are the most helpful ones I've come across thus far:

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