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1961 Shasta Compact

Shasta 61 Compact Shasta 61 Compact

My First Attempt...I lost this battle but it was for this adorable 1961 Shasta Compact Travel Trailer. This beauty went for $4,559.69 and was a bidding war to the very last second. My last jab a this ended hours before in which I gracefully topped off at $4,000. I knew I still had to pay for shipping (which I'm still learning about how to get done and plan on going into here as I come to that point).

As for this Shasta, someone is a proud owner of this newly "refurbished" trailer. I'm learning as I go but I'm pretty sure it's not renovated in that I detect it still have it's original shell. I still think it was a fair price for the amount of love and work this prior owner had placed into her.

As a part of me felt defeated the other part of me was glad to know it slipped through my fingers. As much as I wanted it there was a large part or feeling of it's not "exactly" what I was wanting. I'm again learning what it is that I'm wanting as I'm on my search for my dream trailer. What I loved about it most was the love and thoughtfulness that the person put into the details of the camper. (Oh and the Chalkboard door!) Who doesn't LOVE chalkboard paint?! There was definitely a lot of TLC when it came to this camper from the color scheme carefully picked out to every details throughout making this lil home on wheels seemingly "perfect".

What wasn't pulling at my heart strings and concerning to me is the size. As cozy and cute she is the idea of only have the kitchen area and table/bed area only seems a bit too snug for my vintage camper business on wheels idea to being my dream trailer. Another thing is even though they did an amazing job on the paint job and the over all theme being black and tan could easily have a bright splash of accented color or colors...I decided I would be compromising or considering having to redo all the hard work they had already put into it some day. I would have of course tried it on for size but knowing if I wasn't happy would have wanted to redo the color scheme eventually. It kinda felt wrong to even think of it redoing what they worked so hard to put into her.

The other small detail I couldn't quite get over was that the stove top, fridge and sink area weren't so "vintage" and of course not original. I see myself with original appliances for some reason I'm stuck with this idea even knowing this trailer is going to be used for my mobile business. Then lastly is something I'm still stuck on...bathroom or no bathroom. I'm still mowing it over and I'm leaning on that I still would like it to have a bathroom. Why? I'm not sure because the idea of having to clean this sucker out...it seems appalling. But this idea keeps popping in my head that I will be parked somewhere to do business without a place to do my "business". So it's still something I'm pondering and thinking on...to have or not to have.

I still have to get a better sense as to what the best pricing ranges are for "refurbished" and "renovated". I'm looking to get one that doesn't need to be renovated and is something I can refurbished to add my own touch and decorate my way. That's the exciting part right?! Well it's the exciting part for me. So much out there that I'm already so inspired by. It seem so thrilling to me to eventually get my hands on one to make my very own. So it's decided I don't want to Renovate only Refurbished...so I'm needing one in pretty good condition that hasn't really been touched on the inside. Is that possible? Well I will be searching for it if it is.


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