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So I have a million and one things going on all at once as usual. I feel like I've not gotten anywhere on my searching and to be honest I'm sort of glad. I realized I have a lot to get ready for before even owning one of these vintage trailer dreams. Lots to get ready for such as the obvious...where the heck am I going to park her? I'm going to have to do some looking around I have a couple places in mind since I know it's not in our covenants to have anything parked outside our garages for more than 24 hours. Sigh...and I know the size trailer I want most likely won't fit in our already overly packed with too much stuff 3 car garage. 

I finally did call this morning about my selling permits for my town. I see there's a $110 annual fee for a peddlers permit. They are trying to say I need to pay the $1000 soliciting fee but I don't see how I would need to since I won't be going door to door. I will have to look more into this later. Beyond that I'm needing to do research as to where I want to be located for when I open my shop/trailer up and local flea markets and events I could possibly be a part of.

As for this site...I have so many ideas for this site and so much I want to add all the time. It's just trying to find the time to add it all is my biggest issue. I've also started the Classified site...I'm in a toss up...I like the software I'm using for it however I don't like that it's not integrable with my CMS Joomla Site where I'm blogging from. Back when I purchased it the classified software 2 years ago I was told there was going to be a bridge to make this possible...I don't see that it ever was made or happened. So I'm undecided to scratch the $200 classified software or go with the directory/classified system that I've used several times over that is compatible with this CMS website. Ok I know boring right...but this is the stuff that keeps me up at night. ;) That and what I want for my dream trailer. I'm officially obsessed according to my husband who is now annoyed seeing me online as much as I am.

On top of all this, I'm also a bit stressed over the idea of once I have my dream trailer...the idea of having to haul her! It's the whole point right I know! However, I've never once in my life ever hauled anything and I've had one jab at backing up my husband's 10ft flat bed trailer about a week ago...and it was an epic fail to say the least. There's lots of practicing I see in my future. I'm going to have to learn and determined to even though the idea scares me!



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Hi I'm Katie also known as Lil Miss! I'm on a hunt for my dream trailer and have recently stumbled upon the world of vintage campers! I've only begun and will be sharing what I discover and learn along the way! As my blog grows, I hope to help others that are on a similar journey as mine!


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