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Lil Miss Katie

Lil Miss Katie

Hi I'm Katie also known as Lil Miss! I'm on a hunt for my dream trailer and have recently stumbled upon the world of vintage campers! I've only begun and will be sharing what I discover and learn along the way! As my blog grows, I hope to help others that are on a similar journey as mine!

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FAN - Franklin A. Newcomer

Front Row L to R
Ben Randall - Line Foreman Sam Fergerson - Club President Franklin A. Newcomer - President Ronald Schrock - Quality Control Donald Newcomer - Vice President

Back Row L to R
John Blucker - Purchasing Agent Clyde Ferninger - Sales Larry Vardaman - Line Foreman David Miller - Sales Leonard Rapp - Sales Manager Keith Newcomer - Vice President


FAN Coach Company was founded by Franklin A. Newcomer on May 16, 1954, and chose his initials for the company name. The “factory”, at first, was a barn with side wall jigs in a horse stable and the cabinet shop in a hay mow. It took three weeks to build the first FAN, a 14 ft. model equipped with a 2-burner plate, ice box, 10-gallon water tank, and a pump by the sink.

Random Trailer Updates

So I have a million and one things going on all at once as usual. I feel like I've not gotten anywhere on my searching and to be honest I'm sort of glad. I realized I have a lot to get ready for before even owning one of these vintage trailer dreams. Lots to get ready for such as the obvious...where the heck am I going to park her? I'm going to have to do some looking around I have a couple places in mind since I know it's not in our covenants to have anything parked outside our garages for more than 24 hours. Sigh...and I know the size trailer I want most likely won't fit in our already overly packed with too much stuff 3 car garage. 

Jennison Pathfinder

The information I've tried coming across about Pathfinders was slim to none but as I pointed out with the previous Pathfinder listing that I'm deeply considering being my first vintage dream trailer there are two forum links that had some information on them. I couldn't pass up sharing you these images. You can find these along with more details about them found here:Click Here to view original link.

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