Follow my journey as I search for my dream camper.



What's This Site About?

This site started almost the same day my obsession or love for vintage campers became real to me. In the midst of my onward search for my perfect dream trailer I'm learning LOTS along the way. To help myself keep what I discovered organized I thought this would be the perfect opportunity for me to share with others that might be on the same journey as me what I find along the way.

If you have your own story, please share it with me and others here or if you are in the process like me that are on the search for your very own lil paradise on wheels! I also have many ideas I'd like to do in helping contribute to the vintage trailer enthusiast world! I look forward to sharing with you and wish you the best and happy hunting!


The Dream...

My dream started out as an idea for my small home jewelry business "Lil Miss Katie's, LLC" or aka LMK Designs. I had been batting around the idea to branch out my business to having a store front. I knew I didn't need a lot of space but knew if I had a store front it would bring another realm of business to my current around the world only online sales that I do on Etsy. I like the idea of having a one on one bases with customers and making or creating personal pieces on the fly.

The biggest hangup for me was the cost of what a storefront would be and the risk of taking this on. It wasn't that my online sales couldn't cover the costs but it all seemed like it came at a hefty price tag to be able to take a risk to branch out more. So I was tossing around the most feesible ideas for a small working space. In the beginning looked at anything from tiny homes, to buses and trucks and vans and even shipping containers. All had the appealing aspect of being a smaller space with the even more appealing thought of being "mobile" and unique!

It's here I stumbled across my first glimpse of vintage trailers. Thanks to Pintrest...I'm here now on my journey of discovering this vast new world of vintage travel trailers and have absolutely fallen head over heals for them and the dream of once having one to run my business out of.

Thanks so much for stopping by! I hope some day to be able to share with you a dream come true!


Get Camping!


Who Am I?

I'm Lil Miss...or better known as Katie. I'm a mother, wife, jewelry designer, web developer, graphic designer, artist, hobby photographer and newly obsessed vintage camper enthusiast.


What's to come?

Oh Lots! My creative mind is always rolling out new ideas. As I stumble across sites to help expand my knowledge of vintage love on wheels...I'm also visually thinking about how to organize what I'm seeing to make it better. From what I can see starting out there is a need there at least from my stand point starting out in the new world to me.
Here are some of my ideas I have to come:

Forum: I know there are already forums out there. They've already been a big help to me. But I figured why not add one here with all the other ideas I want related to this site what's another forum going to hurt?

Directory: I want a clean directory that is user friendly that list out services, shops and sellers of these vintage camper. I have quite a bit of experience of creating them and from what I've been looking online the ones I see are nice but I again see room for improvement and I also see a need for it. At least for me and I hope that others do as well.

Classified: I'm not sure if this will simply be part of my directory section but I'd like a place where people can list their trailers to sell.

Shop: I'm sure you're asking for a newbie like me what I have to offer to be able to sell. Like I have said I'm a jewelry designer, web developer, graphic artist. I plan on having a section on here where I sell new jewelry design with the vintage camper enthusiast in mind!

Gallery: I'd like to share inspirational images to help inspire those looking to refurbish a camper of their own some day.

Links: A list of links that I will add to on a regular bases of what I've found helpful to me during my search.

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