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FAN - Franklin A. Newcomer

Front Row L to R
Ben Randall - Line Foreman Sam Fergerson - Club President Franklin A. Newcomer - President Ronald Schrock - Quality Control Donald Newcomer - Vice President

Back Row L to R
John Blucker - Purchasing Agent Clyde Ferninger - Sales Larry Vardaman - Line Foreman David Miller - Sales Leonard Rapp - Sales Manager Keith Newcomer - Vice President


FAN Coach Company was founded by Franklin A. Newcomer on May 16, 1954, and chose his initials for the company name. The “factory”, at first, was a barn with side wall jigs in a horse stable and the cabinet shop in a hay mow. It took three weeks to build the first FAN, a 14 ft. model equipped with a 2-burner plate, ice box, 10-gallon water tank, and a pump by the sink.


Random Trailer Updates

So I have a million and one things going on all at once as usual. I feel like I've not gotten anywhere on my searching and to be honest I'm sort of glad. I realized I have a lot to get ready for before even owning one of these vintage trailer dreams. Lots to get ready for such as the obvious...where the heck am I going to park her? I'm going to have to do some looking around I have a couple places in mind since I know it's not in our covenants to have anything parked outside our garages for more than 24 hours. Sigh...and I know the size trailer I want most likely won't fit in our already overly packed with too much stuff 3 car garage. 


Jennison Pathfinder

The information I've tried coming across about Pathfinders was slim to none but as I pointed out with the previous Pathfinder listing that I'm deeply considering being my first vintage dream trailer there are two forum links that had some information on them. I couldn't pass up sharing you these images. You can find these along with more details about them found here:Click Here to view original link.


1961 Shasta Compact

My First Attempt...I lost this battle but it was for this adorable 1961 Shasta Compact Travel Trailer. This beauty went for $4,559.69 and was a bidding war to the very last second. My last jab a this ended hours before in which I gracefully topped off at $4,000. I knew I still had to pay for shipping (which I'm still learning about how to get done and plan on going into here as I come to that point).


1965 Pathfinder

To Be Or Not To Be...that is the questions and my research for the weekend...

This one, if you can believe it, was my very first consideration and the very first trailer I looked at on Ebay. When I originally saw the Pathfinder it was before I had any "brand" awareness or any education on these vintage travel trailers at all. Mind you I still have very little knowledge base on vintage trailers but this was the starting point of my search. Here is what I love about this travel trailer. The size is just right. It's old enough to be vintage and it's in pretty good condition to where I can see I don't have to do a full "restoration" and do this one up as more of a "refurbished" project. The price is good as long as it stays on these lines of being under $2,000 because I know I will have to either make it a weekend trip to go grab this one up and bring her home or pay to have it done.

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